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The Megalith Builders [VHS - VIDEO]... (Also Available On DVD)
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Author: Covenant Productions by E. Raymond Capt

"Set thee up way marks make thee high heaps"(Jeremiah 31:21).

Stones have been used from time immemorial for every purpose by almost every race of mankind. Nearly fifty thousand curious stone structures command the landscape of over a dozen countries stretching from western Europe to Asia. More than nine hundred are found in the British Isles alone.

For years conjecture and controversy have arisen around this question: when did man start erecting megaliths as stone monuments are called in the first place and what was their purpose?

From Doring in Tibet and from Darab in Iran to Carnac in Brittany are some thousands of miles yet the similarity of these stone monuments show that they were erected by one and the same people.

This video explores this intriguing subject in considerable detail and provides descriptions of the many types of megalith monuments and their purpose. It also reveals the identity of the people who left these great stones as a mark of their passing.

Video VHS (51 Min.)
...DVD version also available.

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