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The 1560 Geneva Bible The single most important book of the English Reformation
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The Bible and Holy Scriptures Conteyned in the Olde and Newe Testament
Translated According to the Ebrue and Greeke ... With Most Profitable Annotations ... At Geneva: Rouland Hall 1560.

A photographic reproduction of the entire Geneva Bible including its famous copious marginal notes and the Protestant Apocrypha.

Under the repressions of Queen Mary ("Bloody Mary") scholars of English Scripture and British theologians of the English Reformation took refuge in Geneva Switzerland under the protection of John Calvin. The "Geneva" Bible of 1560 is the Bible of the English Reformation and one of the most important books in the history of printing. It was the first English Bible with numbered verses. It was the Bible of the Puritans in England. As the Bible of the Pilgrims it was the first Bible brought to America to both Virginia and Massachusetts. It was the Bible read and quoted by Shakespeare. William Shakespeare often erroneously given credit for contributing to the King James Bible of 1611 was in fact steeped in the Geneva Bible that was first published four years before his birth and dominated the cultural landscape of Elizabethan England; he quotes from or clearly alludes to the Geneva translation thousands of times in his Histories Tragedies and Comedies.

It was the Geneva Bible that held the hearts and souls of English-speaking believers in the Old World and the New for almost two hundred years even well after the 1611 debut of the King James Version.

This is our most beautiful facsimile a work of art in itself which we are pleased to bring to the public. It stands over 16 inches tall over 11 inches wide and about 2 1/2 inches thick. The binding is a sturdy and handsome case binding with gilt lettering on the spine. The paper is a premium acid-free cream stock perfect for reproducing these types of engravings. Once you begin to experience this astonishing book in your own home we are convinced you will want additional copies as lasting gifts to loved ones. This Geneva translation was mostly the work of William Whittingham a close associate of John Calvin in Switzerland though like all English Bibles it was predominately the Tyndale Bible in both spirit and wording. Whittingham had published his New Testament in 1557 (available in our facsimile of the English Hexapla of 1841). The complete Bible of 1560 is the single most important English printing of the Bible between the "Matthew's" Bible and the King James Bible (both of which we also publish in facsimile).

The typeface of this facsimile is slightly enlarged photographically for easier reading and studying for which this Bible was originally intended with its extensive marginal apparatus of commentary and cross-referencing. The book contains the Prefatory Epistle of the translators to the new Queen of England Elizabeth I. The scriptural text is followed by the the Two Tables: "The Interpretation of the Proper Names ..." and the Principal Things ..." as well as a timeline of Paul's travels and ministry from his conversation to his martyrdom.

This facsimile edition measures approximately 11 inches tall by almost 9 inches wide by over 3 inches thick.

The standard edition is sturdily and attractively case bound with gilt lettering on the spine.

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