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ABRAHAM Father of Many Nations - Warren K. Johnson Th.D. (382 pgs Hardback) Includes illustrations and a foldout map.
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Author: Warren K. Johnson Th.D.

This is the Biblical Patriarch's story as never told before - the unforgetable saga of "The Friend of God" Wise Patriarch Fierce Warrior and Protector.

With the rare Book of Jasher in addition to the Holy Bible we are able to view Abraham's life from birth through his youth and into his maturity. Dr. Warren K. Johnson Th.D. has blended sacred literature and doses of science with the artistic license of a superb novelist. The result is a more thorough understanding of Biblical stories combined with "on the scene" excitement of action drama and passion. This makes ABRAHAM Father of Many Nations a captivating and rewarding reading experience.

The values of Abraham's character are woven into the fabric of his tribe. It developed into many nations known today by modern names. This is just as YHVH God had promised. It was Abraham's reward for passing a rigorous test of faithfulness. The fulfillment of this blessing has had many influences in civilizing the world for over 4000 years.

The Divine Spirit that guided Abaham also directed his people in suceeding generations away from the injustice and debauchery of paganism dominant in the world. Abraham will always stand as a human example of what one can do for his people. Because of his obedience to God and what it earned him Abraham became a person of world renown and the author believes this same Holy Spirit that guided Abraham also guided the colonizing leadership that founded America. Those dedicated Christian leaders emulated the same faith epitomized by Abraham and such is the continuing example of Abraham carried on among his fruitful seed in the earth faithful to YHVH the one God.

Includes illustrations and a foldout map.

"Abraham - Father of Many Nations is not a good book - It is a Great book! The research is accurate and the story very exciting." - E. Raymond Capt M.A. A.I.A.

382 pages

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