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The Apocrypha 1611 King James Text [Don Callaghan]
The Apocrypha 1611 King James Text [Don Callaghan]


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The Apocrypha 1611 King James Text -

with an Historical Perspective

Don Callaghan

These Books form part of the sacred literature of the Alexandrian Jews and with the exception of the Second Book of Esdras are found interspersed with the Hebrew Scriptures in the ancient copies of the Septuagint or Greek Version of the Old Testament. They are the product of the era subsequent to the Captivity; having their origin partly in Babylonia partly in Palestine and Egypt and perhaps other countries. Most of them belong to the last centuries B.C. when prophecy oracles and direct revelation had ceased. Some of them form an historical link between the Old and the New Testament others have a linguistic value in [connection] with the Hellenistic phraseology of the latter. The narratives of the Apocrypha are partly historical records and partly allegorical. The religious poetry is to a large extent a paraphrase upon the Poetical and Prophetical Books of the Hebrew Canon. In the paraphrases upon the latter there is often a new approach to New Testament teaching especially upon God's care for the heathen world. As to their Canonical Authority Josephus seems to reject it as a whole but appears from his use of I Esdras rather than our Canonical Ezra to have accepted the authenticity of at least that work. The early Christians differed in opinion in respecting them but received them as part of the sacred work of Israel.


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