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Behold He Cometh - [Howard Rand] with identifying the chosen servants for Kingdom rule
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Author: Howard B. Rand

The God of Heaven set up a Kingdom at Mount Sinai and the Angel informed Mary that her son Jesus Christ would rule and reign over the House of Jacob forever. The Scriptures teach that when the Kingdom of God is restored in the full glory of it's perfection righteousness will prevail throughout the whole earth.

The people selected as the nucleus of His Kingdom at Mount Sinai must therefore have a posterity in the earth today the histories of whose activities will bear witness to the fact of their having been chosen to serve His purposes. Part I of this book deals with this phase of the subject identifying the chosen servants and pointing out the importance of their remaining faithful to His laws for no kingdom can function properly without rulers to administer the affairs of state.

Jesus Christ must therefore have in His government a selected and schooled group of men and women to reign with Him and administer its laws in the interest of the well-being and happiness of its citizens.

In Part II of this book is shown the assembling of these rulers who are elevated far above the status of citizenship only for they are to sit down with Jesus Christ in His Throne as He sat down with His Father in His Throne. Special capabilities are required of those attaining to this high calling. The process of selecting and preparing these rulers is shown as God numbers and seals those who are counted worthy to inherit the Kingdom as co-heirs with His Son and be associated with Him in His government. When the day arrives for the revelation of those who have qualified for this position the climax for which all creation has groaned and waited . . . the manifestation of the sons of God . . . will have come and with it that Kingdom that will bring Justice Equity Peace and Prosperity to the earth.

1972 [Second Edition] 100 pages

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