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Best Little Stories From The American Revolution
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Author: C. Brian Kelly

Best Little Stories From the American Revolution is a journalistic history of the birth of the United States in the form of more than 100 vignettes reflecting the period. Here is the history of the war as it affected soldiers and civilians loyalists and patriots leaders and common folk -- people who courageously prevailed against an enemy with vastly superior resources. Included are such stories as:
  • Thomas Jefferson's painful discomfort as the Continental Congress made changes in his vaunted Declaration of Independence.

  • Two rogue warriors loyalist and patriot who thought nothing of murder arson and kidnapping as means to victory during the conflict.

  • Henry Knox's gritty effort to drag a large number of cannon from Fort Ticonderoga in northeastern New York to Boston.

  • George Washington's embarassment and fury in dealing with Benedict Arnold's young wife -- hysterical and scantily clad -- on the day Arnold deserted the American cause.

  • British soldiers who got General Charles Lee's horse drunk after capturing Lee one morning in a surprise raid on his New Jersey "bed and breakfast.""

  • Teenager Andrew Jackson later president rescued from British captivity by his mother to Britain's chagrin.

  • Burton Gwinnett of Georgia one of the signers of the Declaration of Independence who was fatally wounded in a senseless pistol duel by Lachlan McIntosh a patriot leader.
Also included are fascinating stories of several founding mothers including Martha Washington Abigail Adams Betsy Ross Molly Pitcher Janet Livingston Montgomery and many others.

464 pages

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