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Author: Rev. F. E. Pitts

*Added -  2nd sermon "The Battle of Armageddon" Russia & confederate nations coming  against America.

*Added - George Washington's End time final battle vision. 

THE REVISED EXPANDED EDITION This book clearly shows that America (Zion) is the land set aside by God Almighty to be the place of regathered Israel. Sermons and documents by the Founding Fathers testify to their belief that they were the Israel people of the latter days and that the Old Testament prophecies were being fulfilled in their undertakings. It would be wise for us who are living in these last days to take a closer look at the past generations of our great nation to relearn what they knew about America's critical role in Bible prophecy.

This book contains two sermons preached in 1857 by the Rev. F. E. Pitts to a joint session of the Houses of the U.S. Congress 4 years before the War Between the States. In these sermons Rev. Pitts said the two great powers described in Ezekial 38 (and in other prophecies) which would be the protagonists in the last battle fought upon the earth would be "The United States of America...and Russia." He went on speaking of that future conflict between the U.S. and Russia.

If Rev. Pitts before The War Between The States and 60 years before the Communist conquest of Russia could accurately predict not just that Russia would become a great world power but that she would make war on both Christianity and America certainly his whole discourse on Bible prophecy deserves careful consideration by all Americans. Interestingly Russia was both Christian and friendly to America at the time of his sermons.

140 pages

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