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The USA In Bible Prophecy...[org. 1857] The Foundation on which  the Answers for Today will come to Light!
The USA In Bible Prophecy...[org. 1857] The Foundation on which  the Answers for Today will come to Light! The USA In Bible Prophecy...[org. 1857] The Foundation on which  the Answers for Today will come to Light! The USA In Bible Prophecy...[org. 1857] The Foundation on which  the Answers for Today will come to Light!
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Author: Rev. F. E. Pitts
Commentary by E. Raymond Capt




*Added -  2nd sermon "The Battle of Armageddon" Russia & confederate nations coming  against America.

*Added - George Washington's End time final battle vision. 

Did Christ know of this North American Continent? ... Sure he did. Did He know this great nation would be Christian from its beginning? ... Of course he did. Is it possible that this nation the greatest Christian super power of all time known to Jesus Christ was never mentioned indicated or foretold in the Bible?

Because our nation is experiencing unprecedented turbulent events that seem to increase in intensity and frequency (Scripture compares this time to the pangs of childbirth.), many Christians sense the approaching prophesied end of this age before the return of Christ. Therefore a second timely sermon by Rev. Pitts has been added to this revised addition, entitled “Battle of Armageddon.” Living as he did, 80 years after we became a nation and at a time when Russia was a friend
to America, he revealed through a keen insight into biblical prophecy the rise of Russia as a world power and her future war with America and Christianity.

Speaking of this last great conflict, he stated: “We look to the future for the finale of these startling wonders, to be fulfilled in a conflict that will enlist all nations, stir the world with commotion, and drench the earth with blood.”

George Washington had a vision of the same final battle with multitudes from many nations coming against the United States, culminating in deliverance by the hand of Almighty God. His vision at Valley Forge, also recorded in the Congressional Record, offers a second witness to this predicted event.

The words of this book offer hope and truth that the plan of God, as set
forth from the foundation of the world, is moving forward to usher in the
Kingdom of God on earth. Christian Israel-America, then, has a sobering responsibility at the end of this age as His “light bearing” servant people!

Many Christians today have not been exposed to what our forefathers believed and understood. Whether through God's purposeful blindness or due to modern-day revisionists intense desire to rewrite our Christian American history the fact remains we have lost our true identity, our heritage, our Israel roots. It's time our people awakened from their sleep and learn not only their true history but also their destiny that is unfolding even now according to God's Divine Plan.

This book clearly shows that America (Zion) is the land set aside by God Almighty to be the place of regathered Israel. Sermons and documents by the Founding Fathers testify to their belief that they were the Israel people of the latter days and that the Old Testament prophecies were being fulfilled in their undertakings. It would be wise for us who are living in these last days to take a closer look at the past generations of our great nation to relearn what they knew about America's critical role in Bible prophecy.

This book presents an amazing sermon by Rev. F. E. Pitts of Nashville Tennessee to a joint session of Congress in 1857 (four years before the Civil War) in which he named the UNITED STATES as the last great power (Stone Kingdom of Daniel 2). He offers scripture after scripture proving that America is The New Jerusaleum (Zion) spoken of by the prophets to be established before the return of Christ. Furthermore he educates us on our responsibilities during this wondrous time in history.

The last half of the book contains excerpts from Our Great Seal and Abrahamic Covenant by E. Raymond Capt noted Christian author archaeologist and historian. With the advantage of living in this latter time he is able to shed additional light on this subject not fully known by our early American ancestors.

The seals spoken of in Daniel 12:9 are rapidly being removed by God confirming the fact that we are truly living in the last days. What a sobering responsibility we have as his "light bearing" servant people!

Our pilgrim fathers called themselves the "Seed of Abraham" "God's Servants" "Children of Jacob" "His Chosen." They built our nation upon the laws of God and the teachings of Christ and it became the greatest nation in history!

Scripture passages from: Daniel, Isaiah, Ezekiel, Jeremiah, John, Micah, Revelation, Matthew, Genesis, Deuteronomy, Hosea, Hebrews, Joel, Psalms, I Peter, I & II Chronicles.

140 pages 

New -  Revised & Expanded


*Rev. Pitt's second sermon (endtime battle of Russia coming against America).

*Plus George Washington's Vision of the same endtime battle against America.


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