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The Bible Says: Divorce and Remarriage is NOT Adultery
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Author: Dr. Stephen E. Jones

This is a brief study of a portion of the 7th Commandment with special focus on the divorce law in Deut. 24:1-4. This book was not written to encourage divorce but rather to show that if one remarries after divorce he has not committed adultery. Dr. Jones shows that the Bible teaches that divorce itself is not a sin but rather a judgement for sin.

Most modern translations of Mathew 5:32 have Jesus appearing to forbid remarriage and therefore make Jesus appear to contradict the Law of God. However as the author points out a simple study of the original Greek will show that He actually upheld the Law and denounced its abuse.

The size and price of this booklet make for a handy giveaway to friends and relatives who may be struggling with this question or know someone who is.

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