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Author: Donna Smoot

These stories are from the book of Genesis abbreviated and paraphrased when appropriate to help children to better understand and enjoy the message while at the same time learning about their Israelite heritage.

Mrs. Smoot has written these stories with children in mind and therefore has tried to leave out those terms that might be inappropriate for children. She has used several versions of the Bible with several reference books and paraphrased when helpful to make the stories easier for children to understand. It is her desire that "our children know they have a heritage and understand who they are." She believes they should"...also understand that the Commandments Statutes and Judgments are still in effect and are a part of their lives as well as the 'new' covenant through Jesus Christ our Lord and King"

She has limited this work expressly to the book of Genesis. Beginning with the story of creation she is careful to separate the creation of the first humans from that of Adam and Eve which she believes came much later and took place  "A little over 6000 years ago but many years after God had first filled the earth with light darkness land ocean animals plants and humans . . .". Describing the garden experience she refers to the "deceitful one" instead of the"serpent".

The author maintains the heart and spirit of each historical event she relates but she simplifies each story so that a child will understand and enjoy the story without being confused or repelled.

Consequently modern-day Israelite children are introduced to and come to know about many of the Bible characters of Genesis . . . from Adam to Noah to Abraham Isaac and Jacob and at the same time learn the truth of their Israelite heritage.

If you are interested in a Bible story book for your child (or grandchild) that is faithful to the Christian Israel message this book is the answer. Includes drawings by Joshua Chamberlain.

90 pages
BB02019 bible stories for children donna smoot BIBLE STORIES FOR CHILDREN DONNA SMOOT Bible Stories For Children"

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