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Biblical Antiquities - CD Album III - [ E. Raymond Capt]
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Author: E. Raymond Capt

This is the third in E. Raymond Capt's series of Biblical Antiquities professionally narrated by Paul Johnson and covering many subjects of great interest to all students of the Bible and searchers of the truth. The abundant treasure of information to be found in this CD Album cover subject material as diverse as The Great Pyramid and Bible Prophecy Fulfilled to the identity of the Scythians and King Solomon's Temple. This album's studies as follows:

  1. Our New Old Testament
  2. Bible History from Bullae
  3. Cyrus - Instrument of God
  4. The Great Pyramid - Part I
  5. The Great Pyramid - Part II
  6. Bible Prophecy Fulfilled
  7. The Bible Confirmed by Science
  8. Susa and the Code of Hammurabi
  9. Joshua fought the Battle of Jerico
  10. Who are the Scythians?
  11. King Solomon's Temple
  12. Joseph of Arimathea - Nobilus Decurio

Ideal for radio programs group or individual Bible Study.

Six Compact Discs   [12 subjects]

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