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Biblical Antiquities - CD Album II - [ E. Raymond Capt]
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Author: E. Raymond Capt. Narrated by Paul H. Johnson

Biblical Antiquities II CD album consists of 12 radio programs dealing with the Captivity of Israel the Behistun Rock the Migrations of Israel and 9 other subjects of equal interest.Listed below are Album II's Twelve tapes and its subjects:

  1. The Captivity of Israel
  2. The Migrations of Israel
  3. The Behistun Rock
  4. Israel Judah and Jew
  5. Dan - The Pioneer of Israel
  6. Benjamin - The Light Bearer
  7. The Amarna Tablets
  8. The Sonnini Manuscript
  9. The Friends of St. Paul
  10. The Resurrection Tomb
  11. The Resurrection of Christ
  12. Resurrection of Christ - A Hoax?

All tapes are timed for 29 minutes 30 seconds and side two is a duplicate of side one.

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