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Biblical Antiquities \"ALL SIX BOOK SERIES\" - [ E. Raymond Capt]
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The following are a series of books that were copied from 12 radio programs that were written and produced by E. Raymond Capt. They are ideal for Bible study groups or individuals.

Biblical Antiquities 1 - Book

Listed below are the 12 topics discussed:

1. The Bible and Archaeology
2. The Stones speak
3. Have Sodom and Gomorrah Been Found?
4. Genesis - Part One
5. Genesis - Part Two
6. A Six day Creation
7. Noah's Flood
8. Jacob's Pillar Stone
9. Judah's Sceptre
10. Isaac - A Character Study
11. Rachel - The Shepherdess of Sheep
12. Ruth - Faithful Daughter-In-Law

Biblical Antiquities 2 - Book

Topics discussed:

1. The Captivity of Israel
2. The Migrations of Israel
3. The Behistun Rock
4. Israel Judah and Jew
5. Dan - The Pioneer of Israel
6. Benjamin - The Light Bearer
7. The Amarna Tablets
8. The Sonnini Manuscript
9. The Friends of St. Paul
10. The Resurrection Tomb
11. The Resurrection of Christ
12. Resurrection of Christ - A Hoax?

Biblical Antiquities 3 - Book

Topics discussed:

1. Our New Old Testament
2. Bible History from Bullae
3. Cyrus - Instrument of God
4. The Great Pyramid - Part I
5. The Great Pyramid - Part II
6. Bible Prophecy Fulfilled
7. The Bible Confirmed by Science
8. Susa and the Code of Hammurabi
9. Joshua fought the Battle of Jerico
10. Who are the Scythians?
11. King solomon's Temple
12. Joseph of Arimathea - Nobilus Decurio.

Biblical Antiquities 4 - Book

Topics discussed:

1. The Dead Sea Scrolls
2. Ur of the Chaldees
3. The Abrahamic Covenant
4. Petra-Rose Red City Half As Old As Time
5. The Origin of Bible Manuscripts
6. Gleanings From the Apocrypha
7. Daniel's He-Goat
8. As Birds Flying:
9. Druids and Druidism
10. Hazor - Lost and Found
11. The Birth Date of Christ
12. The Stars Declare His Glory

Biblical Antiquities 5 - Book

Topics discussed:

1. Sumerians - The First Historians
2. Joshua Israel's Great Warrior
3. Gezer - A Daughter's Dowry
4. Assyria's Buried Treasures
5. Zebulun - A Tribe of Israel
6. Joseph Viceroy of Egypt
7. The Book of Numbers - Israel in the Wilderness
8. Samuel A Prophet of God
9. Ugarit - And the Bible
10. Ebla - An Unknown Empire
11. Galilee in the Time of Christ
12. The Culdee Church

Biblical Antiquities 6 - Book

Topics discussed:

1. The Bible Confirmed by Archaeology
2. Ashkelon
3. The Disciples of Christ
4. Peter - Disciple and Apostle
5. Moabite Stone
6. The Hittites - A Forgotten People
7. Tophet - Child Sacrifices
8. The Arrest Trial Crucifixion and Resurrection of Jesus
9. What is the Bible
10. Three Ancient Manuscripts
11. What the Bible Doesn't Tell Us
12. Jacob's Prophecies of His Sons

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Biblical Antiquities "ALL SIX BOOK SERIES" - [ E. Raymond Capt] 4.0000 out of 5 based on 1 ratings.

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Ben Burch

The first two volumes in this series are awesome. Capt’s focus is on actual archeology, however, once you begin volume 3 the focus becomes more like a bible study with a lot of the author’s opinions and many times they are quite bizarre. There are some quite interesting things in volumes 3-5 but I was mostly disappointed as the title of the series suggests biblical archeological discoveries as the subject of the books. I am half way through volume 6 and so far it seems to shift its focus back on archeology, which is a good thing. I would highly recommend volumes 1,2 & 6 if archeology is what you’re interested in. Capt is great with archeology and biblical history but I can’t say the same about his theology.

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