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Biblical Antiquities VI - E. Raymond Capt - (PB) - Now Available on Kindle***
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Author: E. Raymond Capt

12 more exciting topics from this the final book of the series:

  • The Bible Confirmed by Archaeology
  • Ashkelon
  • The Disciples of Christ
  • Peter - Disciple and Apostle
  • Moabite Stone
  • The Hittites - A Forgotten People
  • Tophet - Child Sacrifices
  • The Arrest, Trial, Crucifixion, and Resurrection of Jesus
  • What is the Bible?
  • Three Ancient Manuscripts
  • What the Bible Doesn't Tell Us
  • Jacob's Prophecies of His Sons

Although the Bible is a well-known book there are many things within its pages that have been misunderstood neglected or overlooked. These Bible studies will take you on an inspiring journey into new evidence that explains some of the most monumental and controversial events of the Bible including factual information concerning the history and migrations of the Hebrew People.

Records of the 20th Century archaeological excavations have been carefully researched in conjunction with the works of both ancient and modern historians and ethnologist in an endeavor to present a clear cut and concise presentation of the evidence disclosed.

Research into things Scriptural should be a matter of supreme interest not only to Christians in general and Bible lovers in particular but also to all those who find pleasure in the study of the recorded history of ancient people.

To the Christian the proof of the Scriptural narrative from secular sources is both a support of his faith and a defense against the attacks of those who with wholly inadequate evidence assail the Scriptures with skepticism regarding it as a mere collection of myths fables and folklore.

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174 pages ....Paperback


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Biblical Antiquities VI - E. Raymond Capt - (PB) - Now Available on Kindle*** 5.0000 out of 5 based on 1 ratings.

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Ben Burch

Volumes 1,2 & 6 are IMHO the best as far as archeology is concerned. Volumes 3,4 & 5 are more based on bible studies. I prefer the archeological side of his works more-so than his bible lessons. Regardless, thereís a ton of info in all of these books. The entire series is top notch. The more Capt I read, the more respect I have for him. He is a VERY knowledgable man. You canít go wrong with anything by Capt.

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