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Biblical Antiquities Two -  E. Raymond Capt  [12 cassette Album]
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Author: E. Raymond Capt. Narrated by Paul H. Johnson

Biblical Antiquities II is a cassette tape album consisting of 12 radio programs dealing with the Captivity of Israel the Behistun Rock the Migrations of Israel and 9 other subjects of equal interest.Listed below are Album II's Twelve tapes and its subjects:

  • The Captivity of Israel
  • The Migrations of Israel
  • The Behistun Rock
  • Israel Judah and Jew
  • Dan - The Pioneer of Israel
  • Benjamin - The Light Bearer
  • The Amarna Tablets
  • The Sonnini Manuscript
  • The Friends of St. Paul
  • The Resurrection Tomb
  • The Resurrection of Christ
  • Resurrection of Christ - A Hoax?
  • All tapes are timed for 29 minutes 30 seconds and side two is a duplicate of side one.

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