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Biblical Treasures, Volume 1 - C.R. Dickey -  a compilation of the author\'s writings which appeared in DESTINY magazine over a t
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Author: C. R. Dickey

Although a recent publication this book by the author of One Man's Destiny is a compilation of the author's writings which appeared in DESTINY magazine over a thirty year period and are just as timely for us today as they were when first written.


The Staff at Destiny Publishers having read all the articles written by the late C. R. Dickey (Christina R. Dickey) found in DESTINY Magazines from July 1938 to October 1967 received such a blessing from her writings that we wanted to share the information with all who are seeking God's wonderful truths. We are hereby publishing all her articles in two volumes which we believe you will find most inspiring and of genuine interest and value.

Her knowledge of the Scriptures was unbelievable so she must have had a very close association with her Lord as she certainly became a champion for His cause.

Our late beloved editor Howard B. Rand realized her talent as he published many of her articles in booklet form.

The reader should take into account the time element when each article was written which was from the late thirties to the middle sixties. We found her articles to be up to the minute as though she had written them yesterday. Her writings on various subjects are backed up with Scripture verses as well as with quotes from reliable sources when making a point. From her writings the Lord surely made use of her God-given talents. . . .

Note: Artisan also offers One Man's Destiny by C. R. Dickey

Hard Back (Size 8 1/2 x 11)
372 pages

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