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As Birds Flying...Prophecy fulfilled with the Capture of Jerusalem in 1917!
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Author: Andrew Adams

An explanation of history will show that the great majority of prophetic utterances in the Old and New Testaments have already been fulfilled. The capture of Jerusalem in 1917 in which the British Royal Flying Corps played a major part (As Birds Flying) completed a major phase of Biblical prophecy

This book is the story of the events leading up to the capture of Jerusalem in December 1917 by British forces under General Allenby and by the subsequent defeat of the Turkish army in Palestine. It is also the story of the men who as instruments of God's will made it possible. To them this book is dedicated.

For the traveler on the long road of history with eyes to see and ears to hear the capture of Jerusalem in December 1917 was a SIGNPOST completing a major phase of Biblical prophecy and pointing towards events that would shape the present and looking toward the culmination of this age.

Isaiah a high-ranking official at the royal court of ancient Israel foresaw this event two and a half thousand years ahead of his own day (Isaiah 31:5). Daniel the prophet (Daniel 12:12) foretold the year and the prophet Haggai foretold the day and the month (Haggai 2:18-20)...To us this is past history but not long past. This is the story of the capture of a city--Jerusalem!

This is also the story of two iron-willed men--General Edmund H. H. Allenby and Thomas Edward Lawrence (of Arabia).

Allenby believed in God. He often consulted the Bible for spiritual guidance and for the valuable historical and geographical insights it offered for an army campaigning in Palestine. Frequently he would ask his staff officers to bow their heads and pray with him for the success of an attack with few casualties. Surprise mobility and concentration were the keynotes of Allenby's victories backed by relentless determination in the pursuit.

Lawrence was a poet scholar soldier writer mechanic diplomat archaeologist--a strange and heady mixture--at home equally with the humblest soldier airman or Arab or with the greatest politician general or sheik. His own endurance became almost legendary among the Bedouin. While widely read in military history but with little formal military training it was a remarkable achievement that he succeeded against a merciless foe a desolate environment and within an exclusive tribal warrior society. His powerful mind exerted an iron-willed control over his physical body. He was the driving force the "on the spot" intelligence behind the Arab revolt.

Enhanced by the inclusion of more than 80 period photographs maps and drawings.

New 2009 Paperback
160 pages


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