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The Book of Tephi -  J. A. Goodchild - Originally published in 1897
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Translated by J. A. Goodchild

Originally published in 1897 this ancient and forgotten manuscript evidences a new light on the theory of British Israelism. Perhaps Israelites came to Ireland hundreds or even thousands of years before the time originally thought.

This poetic book appears to trace the route of Tephi a daughter of the line of Pharez-Judah Princess of the house of David. It begins with her escape from Jerusalem her stay in Egypt and later Greece and her eventual arrival in Ireland.

The Book of Tephi is considered by many of the scholars of the Christian-Israel message to be a valuable addition to this most important study.

Written in Old English the story is based on ancient Irish legends.

8 1/4 x 10 3/4 Paperback
108 pages

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