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The Case Of Saul Or Paul
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Author: B. P. Hawkins

The author finds it amazing how non-Christians those who have read little Bible and heretics put forth invalid interpretations in an effort to redefine traditional Christianity. He thinks it's even more amazing how they attract followers to their doctrines. Such is the case with the critics of the Apostle Paul who question his role in the early Christian church.

The reason for questioning Paul?s teaching says Mr. Hawkins is primarily a reaction to misinterpretations taught by the modernist ministers of Judeo-Christianity. He is bothered by the fact that while pushing their anti-Paul agenda it doesn't seem to matter that such liberal interpretations were not part of traditional Christianity taught over the past two thousand years.

True as the Apostle Peter acknowledged (II Peter 3:15-17) there are among his teachings "some things hard to be understood" by the "unlearned and unstable [who] wrest as they do also the other scriptures unto their own destruction." In addition giving us the warning to "beware lest ye being led away with the error of the wicked"

Furthermore Peter calls Paul "our beloved brother."

If he Luke (the author of Acts) the other Apostles and Christian believers of the time recognized Paul in his calling as one of the founding fathers of Christianity certainly those with little perspective of that time two millennium ago have no right to question their judgement.

It is certain that through the Holy Spirit the old corrupt man is put off and we become a new creature in Christ. This new life of righteousness and holiness took place in the conversion of Saul to Paul and countless other Christians since that time through his writings.

The author?s hope in the writing of this book is that it might be used as another powerful weapon in Gods army for the defense of the faith.

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