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Author: Isabel Hill Elder

A study of Druidism - their origin teaching and government and their religious beliefs that prepared Britain to receive apostolic Christianity that arrived in Britain shortly after the Ascension of Our Lord.

Just a few of the questions asked and answered by Mrs. Elder in this her fourth edition of this splendid book are...which is the first Christian Church outside Jerusalem? Who took Christianity to the Isles? Who were the Druids and what did they teach? Who built the roads for the Roman chariots?

In this most important work she dispels the erroneous belief that Britain was uncivilized compared with Rome and that the Druids were a mischievous sect. The work and teachings of this early British Church (Culdee) for 1100 years is detailed in this remarkable book. Although declared heretical by Rome in A.D. 705 the Culdee Church struggled on as distinct from the Romans until it was eclipsed by the Roman Catholic Church in the 12th century.

Mrs. Elder states what is little known but of the greatest importance...the fact that Christianity as a Church was born in England before anywhere else and that England was a professed Christian country one hundred years before Rome and in fact when Rome was still persecuting Christians.

She draws attention to the singular change without any opposition from Druidism to Christianity which was understandable in that fundamentally they had no great difference in belief. An interesting point is also made as to the difference between the British Church and the Church of England.

The rise and establishment of Christianity in Britain has been dealt with by many writers but in these pages new light has been thrown on the origin of the Culdees with whom rests the introduction and with their successors the defense of the Apostolic Christianity brought by those early Christians to Britain shortly after the Ascension of our Lord.

168 pages

celt druid culdee i. hill elder CELT DRUID AND CULDEE I. HILL ELDER celt Druid and Culdee I. Hill Elder BB02110

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