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Christianity And The  Age Of The Earth -  Davis A. Young a scientist with outstanding academic credentials...
Christianity And The  Age Of The Earth -  Davis A. Young a scientist with outstanding academic credentials...
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Author: Davis A. Young

Dr. Davis A Young a scientist with outstanding academic credentials and a thoroughly orthodox evangelical Christian has presented in this volume solid and convincing evidence for the thesis that the earth is an extremely old planet created by God. This book demonstrates how well-meaning creationist (Dr. Young is also a creationist in the term) have misrepresented the evidence of geology in their attempt to argue that the earth is only a few thousand years old.

It is important in our time to give serious consideration to both biblical and scientific evidence. In this book Dr. Young carefully examines the evidence and finds that it does not support the young-earth view.

Because of the literature advancing biblical catastrophism the interest of Christian layman and attempts to introduce the catastrophist view of earth history into public school curricula the Christian community should seriously consider this issue of the age of the earth. Does the biblical and scientific evidence support the idea that the earth is extremely young or does the evidence indicate otherwise? Has the earth experienced a brief sudden catastrophic history dominated by a single global flood or has it's history been vastly longer and somewhat less spectacular? In this book the author examines some of the evidence of nature that relates to the age of the earth.

Part I of the book surveys the history of Christian thought with regard to the age of the earth.

Part II deals with the stratigraphy sedimentation the Flood radiometric dating the earth's magnetic field and geochemical arguments.

Part III is an appeal to the facts that make the young-earth view untenable.

Dr. Young firmly believes that the continued promotion of the young-earth view will in the long run damage the credibility of Christianity and thus hinder our evangelistic and apologetic efforts.

188 pages

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