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The Creation Of A Nation (VHS - VIDEO) (Also available on PAL (VHS) for Europe)
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Author: Covenant Productions by E. Raymond Capt

This is the story about Creation not the Creation of the Universe; not the Creation of the planet Earth but the Creation of a nation through Abraham whose remarkable destiny was to father a nation of people which was to serve a special purpose planned from the beginning of time by the Lord of Creation to fulfill his purpose for the establishment of His promised Kingdom On Earth.

Gives an excellent visual account of how the Lord of Creation planned from the beginning to create a nation through Abraham. It takes the viewer to the scene of God's Covenant with Abraham then follows the progression of his descendants all the way into modern America.

Video (48Min.)

           ...Standard  VHS....ALSO Available on PAL (VHS) for our European customers....please add the letters "PAL" in the comment box when ordering for this special VHS tape.

DVD version also available.
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