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Cruden\'s Complete Concordance To The Apocrypha [circa 1806]
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Author: Alexander Cruden

This work was compiled in 1761 by Alexander Cruden and dedicated to the King of England. A very useful book for anyone who would desire a better understanding of the following books called Apocrypha which are found (with the exception of II Esdras) interspersed with the Septuagint or Greek Version of the Old Testament: This edition is an Exact Photo Reproduction of the First American Edition (Circa 1806)...with some imperfections that the 1806 edition had......

  • I Esdras

  • II Esdras
  • Tobit
  • Judith

  • The Rest of Esther

  • The Wisdom of Solomon

  • Ecclesiasticus

  • Baruch with the Epistle of Jeremiah
  • The Song of the Three Holy Children
  • The History of Susanna
  • Bel and the Dragon

  • The Prayer of Manasses

  • I Maccabees

  • II Maccabees

This book is 8 1/2" x 11"... Exact photo reproduction of the 1806  [The First American Edition].

118 pages


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