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DEDICATED DISCIPLES... - [Stough] The Birth of Christianity - Now back in print!  Searching for the \"Lost Sheep of the House of
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Author: Henry W. Stough

Dedicated Disciples traces the dramatic journeys of the early disciples as they go in search of the wandering tribes of Israel. Their determined and dedicated purpose is to follow the command of Christ to seek the "Lost Sheep of the House of Israel" and present them with the glorious message of the Kingdom of God.

The author Henry W. Stough Jr. a Baptist minister devoted many years researching the subject of the so-called lost tribes; writing about Bible prophecy; and identifying who today are truly God's people Israel. In Dedicated Disciples he describes the many experiences during their long and hazardous search of Mary Magdalene Martha and Lazarus of the Bethany family; Trophimus the friend of St. Paul Nicodemus Zaccheus Restitutus the man born blind Simon Zelotes Aristobulus Peter John the beloved disciple and the Zebedee family.

Many readers will be thrilled and surprised to learn where these determined Christians found those of who they searched. The believer's faith is strengthen upon learning of the hardships sufferings and experiences these most Dedicated Disciples endured as they went about God's work of planting the Kingdom message among their Israel brethren.

Pastor Stough includes a bibliography at the back of this book listing several books that contain a wealth of information pertaining to the records and history of other disciples of Christ which help to fill in the blank spaces in New Testament history. The vast amount of information they provide will help anyone interested realize how God has kept and continues to keep the promises which He made to Abraham Isaac Jacob David and the children of Israel!

176 pages


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