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Discount Pack Number 2...  [20 Books]  By E. Raymond Capt
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Discount Pack Number Two is also known as the Ray Capt Special because it features 20 of E. Raymond Capt's books grouped together at this special discount savings!

The Gemstones In The Breastplate

The Glory Of The Stars

Jacob's Pillar

King Solomon's Temple

Lost Chapters Of The Acts Of The Apostles

Missing Links

Our Great Seal


The Resurrection Tomb

The Scottish Declaration Of Independence

A Study In Pyramidology

The Traditions Of Glastonbury

Olivet Prophecies

Isle Of Iona

Paul The Missionary

Stone Kingdom

Stonehenge And Druidism

Abrahamic Covenant

The Great Pyramid Decoded

Counterfeit Christianity

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Separately they are $216.70


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