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The Drama Of The Lost Disciples - George F. Jowett... [*Rare - England] 256 pgs.
The Drama Of The Lost Disciples - George F. Jowett... [*Rare - England] 256 pgs.
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Author: George F. Jowett

In A.D. 33 the most power-packed drama in the history of Mankind was acted out when Roman soldiery nailed Jesus Christ to the cross at the instigation of the fanatical leadership of the Sanhedrin. Though seemingly unimportant at the time this incident was followed by the most important and significant event in all of history . . . the resurrection of Jesus Christ. From this unique and unparalleled event sprang the greatest missionary movement of all time as His disciples began to take His Kingdom message (as He had instructed them to do) to the "lost sheep" of the House of Israel.

This book documents the travels of not just the twelve disciples but many more after they left Judea and journeyed to distant lands as they carried the Gospel message. The list includes Joseph of Arimathea Mary the mother of Jesus Mary Magdalene Lazarus Paul Peter and scores of others. Although the title implies the disciples were "lost" they were really only lost to history for a while.

This author did not rely on tradition or fanciful tales. Rather he researched historical sources for the information; ancient Roman French British and Greek manuscripts. The volume of evidence is amazing and exciting. It confirms that Paul brought Christianity to Rome about A.D. 56 and documents that Joseph of Arimathea carried the word to Great Britain in A.D. 36.

Mr. Jowett also demonstrates that ancient Britains were not barbarians as they have so often been described by the establishment historian. There was a well organized society in the 1st century. In fact Britain was the only land that Rome could not conquer. Nation after nation fell before Roman armies for hundreds of years but not the British Isles; not even after Emperor Claudius issued his edict to exterminate all Christians everywhere. The Isles were victorious because of highly trained well-equipped armies who defended their country in the name of Jesus Christ.

One doesn't have to be British or of British ancestry to develop as you read a great sense of sympathy and affection for these early Christians who gave their lives in defense of home family and church so their descendants would have the freedoms they now enjoy. Drama of the Lost Disciples is an excellent work.

256 pages


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