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All (14) DVDs of E. Raymond Capt\'s -  inspiring and eye opening videos.
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Receive all (14) of E. Raymond Capt's DVDs ......  (Click above picture to enlarge)

In this offer you get all of Mr. Capt's inspiring and eye opening videos. Complete your video library of great topics he produce

to help Christians see the Bible and God's Plan in a very thoughtful and truthful way. Here is what you get.

-  The Coming of the Saints

-  The Creation of a Nation

-  Faith of Our Fathers

-  The Great Pyramid Decoded

-  The Glory of the Stars

-  King Solomon's Temple

-  Megalith Builders

-  Petra & As Birds Flying

-  Planting the Faith Westward

-  Sinai, A Closer Look

-  Stone of Destiny

-  Strange Parallel

-  They Came a Viking

-  Traditions of Glastonbury

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