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Eve: Did She Or Didn\'t She?
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Author:Ted R. Weiland

This is the book that confronts and dispels the occult lie that Eve was physically seduced by Satan. Examines all the scripture verses arguments and counter-arguments of the seedline hypothesis with the result being a well crafted devastating critique.

EXCERPT: In certain Christian circles "seedline" is a doctrine derived from one passage in the Old Testament and a handful of passages in the New Testament. From this limited number of scriptures seedline advocates teach that the sin committed by Eve in the Garden of Eden was physical sexual adultery with Satan himself one of Satan's demons or with someone from another race commissioned by Satan. From this hypothetical sexual union the seedliners allege that Cain was conceived who in turn became the progenitor of a wicked seed line of people who exist to this present day. . . .

If the seedline doctrine is true there should be biblical support for at least one of these primary premises. However as Bible students already know there are no scriptures that expressly teach any of these false conclusions. Therefore the entire seedline edifice collapses under the weight of its own making. (END OF EXCERPT).

The author delivers a devastating critique of both the seedline hypothesis and the false media characterization of the entire Christian Israel movement as believing, with one mind, that "jews" are the descendants of Satan.

134 pages

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