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Foxe\'s Book of Martyrs
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Author: John Foxe - Prepared by W. Grinton Berry

This unparalleled classic recounts the lives suffering and triumphant deaths of Christian martyrs throughout hisory.

Beginning with the first martyr Jesus Christ this exceptional historical record traces the roots of religious persecution. It focuses on such great men as John Wycliffe John Huss William Tyndale Martin Luther Thomas Cranmer and many others.

Since Foxe also knew persecution his writings possess a sense of immediacy and insight into suffering that few "objective" church historians can match.

This edition has streamlined and reorganized the original Book of Martyrs in order to present Foxe's story crisply. The editor W. Grinton Berry was aware of the reader's desire for clarity. he observes that Foxe's "discursiveness" discourages today's reader "who likes narratives that are clean-cut swift full of movement making straight for the point." Berry's consciousness of modern literary tastes gives the text its smoothness as does his conviction that "Foxe's narratives judged merely on literary grounds are among the most graphic and the most readable in our literature."

John Fox(e) (1516-1587)was forced to flee to safety on the continent during Queen Mary's severe persecution of those holding Reformed views. He carefully compiled records of suffering and persecuted Christians. The Book of Martyrs became a sensational bestseller as a result.

409 pages

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