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God\'s Covenant People Yesterday, Today & Forever - [Revised & Expanded] - Ted R. Weiland 480 pgs
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God's Covenant People

Author: Ted R. Weiland

One of the finest books ever written on the doctrine of Christian Israel. The author combines biblical archaeological and historical evidence to make his case and prove his claim of who modern day Israel is and where these people are today. With one Scriptural reference after another he completely destroys the commonly taught fallacy of a "Spiritual Israel" and proves that God continues to have a plan for physical Israelites under the New Covenant.

Because of the author's painstaking and thorough research into his subject the reader is not only treated to a complete education of the Christian Israel question but will learn the single primary factor that has contributed to the terrible confusion and disarray Christendom finds itself in today. And he shows how this condition has resulted in a devastating moral decline not only in the U. S. but throughout all of the so-called Christian nations.

Along with proving the true identity of Israel, Mr. Weiland, faithfully supplying those passages of scripture that clearly support his claims, shows how Israel was:

to continue as a nation before God forever; how Israel was to become a great and mighty nation; how Israel was to become a vast multitude of people; how Israel was to become a multitude of nations; and how Israel was to become a blessing to all nations of the earth. And for good measure he details how Israel is to have a new home . . . a new land carved out of a wilderness one that is to be inhabited by a people gathered from many nations who would live securely without walls bars or gates . . . to be bordered by an eastern and western sea.

He continues by explaining how Israel would be known by the blessings and curses of Israel would be devoured by strangers when disobedient to God and points out how this is Israel's present condition having been brought about primarily as a result of this very blindness to her true Identity.

The author finishes this excellent work by answering the question "does it make any difference?" by listing several reasons why it does:

  • Without this truth [of Israel's identity] much of the New Testament will not be understood correctly.
  • Without this truth most of the Old Testament prophecies will not be interpreted accurately.
  • Without this truth our fight against immorality and lawlessness will not be effective.
  • Without this truth our fight to save Christianity from her enemies will not be won.
  • Without this truth Christianity's efforts in reaching the lost of the world for Christ will not be as productive.

Because of the depth of detail and research by its author God's Covenant People makes an excellent teaching tool not only to introduce this truth to the uninformed but also to strengthen the convictions of those already committed to this amazing truth.

An attractive book of 14 chapters in excess of 700 quotations with footnotes over 30 early American and European testimonies and more than 40 Biblical archaeological and historical proofs of Israel's modern-day identity.

New Revised & Expanded

480 pages

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