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God\'s Law on Restitution Keep God\'s Law &  Get Rid of Prisons!
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Author: Dr. Stephen E. Jones

No need for prisons! This is the booklet that gives the true antidote to property crime and is an important study of the 8th Commandment regarding theft of property.

This little booklet offers a realistic antidote to a major problem in modern day America that of property crime which is the focus of the Eighth Commandment. The study includes a unique history of the American penal system and how the Socialist theories behind it have utterly failed. The American system of "justice" is not only extremely expensive but it perpetuates crime and does little or nothing to recompense the victim or rehabilitate the thief. Dr. Stephen Jones in this study shows us a much more productive way to punish the thief by using God's Law to solve this enormous problem in our land.

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