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Author: John and Morton Edgar

Shows how The great Pyramid of Giza symbolically and by measurement corroborates the philosophy and prophetic times and seasons of the Divine Plan of the ages as contained in the Holy Scriptures.

Charles T. Russell founder and first President of the Watch Tower and Tract Society once proclaimed that "God was the great architect" of the Pyramid built for the purpose of confirming the faith of his people at the end of the Gospel Age.

In this voluminous work the authors John and Morton Edgar endeavor to show the handiwork of the Great Creator God in the construction and detail of this Monument as His Sign and Witness to the World. And in painstaking detail they most persuasively do show how The Great Pyramid of Giza symbolically and by measurement corroborates the philosophy and prophetic times and seasons of the Divine Plan of the Ages as contained in the Holy Scriptures.

This work contains a host of photographs drawings maps and diagrams for the greater enlightenment and enjoyment of the reader.

GREAT PYRAMID PASSAGES ‒ 1023 pages, case bound This is a reproduction of the second edition of Great Pyramid Passages written by John and Morton Edgar. John died in 1910. Morton continued his studies and re-issued Pyramid Passages Vol. 1 and 2 in 1924 and added a third: “Its Scientific Features.” A 1929 discourse by Morton precedes these three sections. All original graphics and drawings are included. I was always touched by the first few lines of the book: OF the seven ancient wonders of the world, the Great Pyramid of Gizeh in the land of Egypt, because it is the oldest building in the world and because of its immense size, has been universally recognized as standing preeminent, it has also proved itself the most enduring, for it is the only one of the seven which remains. For forty-one centuries it has kept silent watch over the Delta of the Nile, at the southern apex of which it stands ; and each succeeding generation has asked itself the question : For what purpose was it built, and who was the architect? Many have been the theories put forward in the past to answer this question, but all of them inconclusive. The true answer has within recent years been brought to light by a few patient investigators.

972 pages

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