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The Greatest Love story Never Told
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Author: Pete Peters

A screen story of love romance intrigue divorce conspiracy action and murder starring the Great I Am as the husband Abraham as the father of the bride Israel as the unfaithful wife and the Children of Israel as the cast of millions. Entertains as it teaches.

The story of God and His Chosen People is told in the manner of a Hollywood Production giving it a novel and dramatic touch that will heighten the readers desire to stay with the characters and see to the very end how it all works out.

Pastor Peters uses irony and humor to get his point across and keep the readers interest growing with each turn of the page. He explains that because the body of Christ's church is composed of people with varied interests and backgrounds the Christian Israel message must be presented in many different ways. And he uses in his title the words " . . . Never Told" because the truth of Christian Israel is not being told to the present generation of Christians nor has it been widely known by past generations.

The author tells his tale by employing the tools of the standard movie production to set the stage for the numerous scenes that relate the story which involves love romance intrigue divorce conspiracy action and murder.

Pastor Peters has used an unusual method to produce this important and serious work concerning a message so vital to the body of Christ today.

116 pages

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