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Heirs Of The Promise The story of Abraham\'s Children -  This is a message that is the key that unlocks many truths of the Bible.
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Author: Sheldon Emry

The story of Abraham's children...what God promised them how His promises are still affecting Abraham's descendants today and how and where America fits into the picture.

Although a small book this is an excellent resource for those who are looking for a short overview and explanation of the teaching known to many as "Christian Israel Identity."

Written by the late pastor Sheldon Emry it is a classical summary of the Bible prophecy archaeology and Israel history through the centuries. This is a message that is the key that unlocks many truths of the Bible.

Makes a very effective gift to someone unfamiliar with this subject because it takes them to the meat of the matter quickly and convincingly and will encourage them to go even further in their search for more information having to do with this thrilling study.

28 pages

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