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The Heritage of the Anglo-Saxon Race.... From Adam to Throne of England! [18\"x24\" Color Chart]
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An 18" x 24" chart tracing the genealogy from Adam through Abraham and the sons of Jacob. Gives the complete genealogy from Judah and the Royal House of David through to the Irish Scottish and English monarchies to Queen Elizabeth the Second.

A clear account is given of the genealogy of the House of David to Jesus Christ the Messiah. Explains the line from David to Joseph (the husband of Jesus' mother Mary) and the line from David to Mary.

Gives the various passages of Scripture that verify the conclusions presented in this exciting and authoritative work. Makes an excellent gift for students of all well as for parents and grandparents too.

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(Note: This chart can be specially shipped in a tube to prevent creasing. One tube easily holds multiple charts. Add - $3.50 (Please select mailing tube above)

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