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Author:Wm. Pascoe Goard

An examination of the Bible as a handbook of life through all its phases and shown to be right in regards to all the sciences true to history and Divinely confirmed. The author expresses it this way:
". . . We should expect [the Bible] to be a handbook of life in all it's phases. Purely human sciences study and seek to explain life in all it's phases. The Bible must do no less.

"It must deal with the body. Anatomy Physiology Pathology and so on must have a place in its writings.

"It must deal with the mind in all it's phases. Psychology in all its phases must have a weaving of its pages.

"It must deal with the spirit of man. In his Godward aspirations man must find an instructor and guide; and in his relationship with his neighbor in every department of sociology the Bible must mark the way.

The sciences have been enriched and confused by the libraries and literatures which have been produced by men not inspired by God. No man may hope in a long lifetime to read all the contributions of scientific men in all of these departments.

". . . The Bible shows more than human understanding of the things of the spirit. It puts the reader in the path which leads to God; and it gives him power to ascend into the Kingdom of God; it gives to him power to become the son of God."
This book is an excellent answer to the attack by Modernists who cast doubt upon the reliability and inspiration of the Scriptures.

Reprint of 1926.

46 pages
BB02112 Our Heritage The Bible William Pascoe Goard OUR HERITAGE THE BIBLE WILLIAM PASCOE GOARD our heritage the bible william pascoe goard inheritance Gods Word Scriptures Mosaic law

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