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Idioms In The Bible Explained &  A Key To The Original Gospels - George Lamsa
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Author: George M. Lamas

World-renowned Bible translator and Commentator George M. Lamas explains nearly one thousand crucial idioms that will enrich reading of the Old and New Testaments for student and general reader alike.

Lamsa who was raised speaking Aramaic in a community that followed customs largely unchanged since the time of Christ offers fresh accurate translations of important idioms metaphors and figures of speech found in Scripture--and provides clear explanations of their meaning in the Biblical context.

Just as Shakespeare Milton and Browning wrote in the vernacular for English-speaking people Moses the prophets and the apostles wrote for their own people in the plain language of their times so that even the unlearned might understand God's word. Over the centuries inaccurate translations and misunderstanding of customs and concepts have led to difficulties in bringing the biblical message to contemporary English speaking readers.

For example when a man says to Jesus "Let me bury my father" Lamsa points out that this expression means "Let me first take care of my father until he dies." Traditionally scholars assumed that this man's father was dead and that Jesus was not interested in his burial. Lamsa's scholarship offers a more accurate understanding of the intent and spirit of this passage.

Idioms in the Bible Explained and A Key to the Original Gospels goes far in correcting such errors that have crept into biblical scholarship. Obscure and difficult passages from both Old and New Testaments are listed and compared to the King James version (though it will be helpful when used with any English version). These make clear the original meaning of such ancient idioms and assure that our grasp of the biblical message is more sound and rewarding.

To further uncover the original teachings of Scripture Idioms in the Bible Explained and A Key to the Original Gospels Lamsa discusses at greater length such topics as "The Language of Jesus" "Aramaic Phraseology" "The Sayings of Jesus" "Early Translations" and more.

George M. Lamsa brings to this work a lifetime of scholarship and translation of the Eastern manuscripts of the Bible. He was raised in Assyria; during his lifetime he translated The Holy Bible from the Aramic of the Peshitta and authored over twenty books illuminating the original meaning of Scripture.

105 pages

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