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Into The Light The exciting story of the life-saving breakthrough therapy of the age
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Author: William Campbell Douglas MD

The exciting story of the life-saving break through therapy of the age - the healing power of light to perform almost miraculous cures.

If you knew of a procedure that could save thousands maybe millions of people dying from AIDS cancer and other dreaded killers...

Would you cover it up?

It's unthinkable that what could be the best solution ever to stopping the world's killer diseases is being ignored scorned and rejected. But that is exactly what is happening right now.

The procedure is called "photoluminescence.".  It's a throughly tested proven therapy that uses the healing power of light to perform almost miraculous cures.

This remarkable treatment works it's incredible cures by stimulating the body's own immune responses. That's why it cures so many ailments -- and why it's been especially effective against AIDS! Yet 50 years ago it virtually disappeared from the halls of medicine.

Why has this incredible cure been ignored by the medical authorities of this country? You'll find the shocking answer here in the pages of Into The Light the new book by William Campbell Douglass MD.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: WILLIAM CAMPBELL DOUGLASS MD has led a colorful rebellious and crusading life. Not many physicians would dare put their professional reputations on the line as many times as this courageous healer has. A vocal opponent" of business-as-usual" medicine Dr. Douglass has championed patients' rights and physician commitment to wellness for the past two decades. For a year he endured economic and physical hardship to work with physicians at the Pasteur Institute in St. Petersburg Russia where advanced research on photoluminescence is being conducted.

Dr. Douglas comes from a distinguished family of physicians. He is the fourth generation Douglass to practice medicine and his son is also a physician. Dr. Douglass graduated from the University of Rochester the Miami School of Medicine and the Naval School of Aviation and Space Medicine. He has been named the National Health Federation's "Doctor of the Year". Dr. Douglass is a popular speaker who appears often on radio and television. The author of five books and Editor-In-Chief of Second Opinion his monthly alternative medicine newsletter he also travels widely.

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