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Janissa - A Novel of Egypt and Palestine - [World War II Hardbound 358 pages] The Christian Herald selected it as \"one of the 12
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Author: Robert Thomas Newcomb

History and romance are combined in this novel of Egypt and Palestine and in a sense the biography of an era. Passion suspense and religious fervor are united in a sweeping prophecy of things to come. It portrays the consequences of the intrigues which characterized the political conditions during those years which became climatic with the Siege of Jerusalem an historical situation at the dawn of the Christian era which has had its effect on the world ever since.

Through the gifted pen of Robert Thomas Newcomb there has come this exceptional novel. This was the author's first novel completed just before his enlistment in the United States Army Air Forces. It was eagerly published during the World War II period by Destiny Publishers even though their chief concern has always been with the publication of books on the National aspects of the Bible and these times.

At that time Destiny was very much impressed with Janissa because they realized it as a story of deep appeal with a theme of such enthralling and timeless interest it would complement their book selection nicely and they were proud to be its publisher.

Written with urgency and pace Janissa is a dramatic story eloquently told; indeed the reader will discover it to be a truly great story such as to make it seem that those long ago years are being lived once again. Perhaps it will even seem that the reader is part of it so vividly does it move with its interwoven story of growing love and understanding amid the intense emotional conflicts of those dangerous immoral times. "The Christian Herald selected it as "one of the 12 best books of the year".


358 pages

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