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Author: Arthur Wallis

A treatise on the historical existence of Jesus of Nazareth. The author deals with Christ as the Redeemer and Judge His character and His claims all substantiated by Scripture. He explains how one can know trust and worship Christ.

Early on Mr. Wallis sets the stage with questions that have troubled believers and unbelievers alike from the earliest of times concerning the Person of Christ that he ultimately answers giving the scriptural basis for his beliefs:
. . .The New Testament provides the only original account in existence of Christ and His teaching. It is not our present purpose to inquire into the claims of the Bible to be the Word of God - that has been fully and ably done by many others - but accepting its veracity to discover its teaching concerning Jesus of Nazareth. Acknowledging [H]is
claims and the claims that Scripture make for [H]im are true how are we to understand them? Did [H]e really claim to be God manifest in the flesh as Christendom has generally maintained? Or might it not be more in keeping with the facts to take the view that [H]e was the special sent [O]ne of God but not God himself? Was [H]e the
[D]ivine uncreated second
[P]erson of an eternal Godhead or was [H]e the [S]upreme created [B]eing not equal with but inferior to God though occupying an exalted position with [H]im? . . .
Whatever views the reader might hold regarding the Person of Christ he cannot help but be better informed on the subject after reading this work by Wallis.

Reprint of 1959.

48 pages
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