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Joseph\'s Birthright and Modern America -        Robert B. Record
Joseph's Birthright and Modern America -        Robert B. Record
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Author: Robert B. Record

A biblical treatise on the nation to whom Jesus entrusted the Kingdom of God.

Robert bruce Record was a tireless worker in the vinyard of the the Lord and spent the majority of his life in christian Ministry. As a result of sincere and intense Bible study, he became convinced "that there had to be an Israel people other than the Jew, for they had fullfilled none of the prophetic history of National Israel."

Not all of the birthright went to Joseph. The sceptre went to Judah. The ruling house of David, was to spring from Judah, and the genealogy of our Lord after the flesh is traced through the Davidic line.

The promise of great national development, however, as contained in the birthright, went to Joseph and his two sons. This is a truth of paramount importance- for in the finding of the nations who fulfill the prophetic history of this birthright house, you will have to find the people of Israel in these last days.

Through this birthright the people migrated from Britain and Europe to found and build what was destined to become the greatest single nation of all time - America.


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