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Joshua\'s Long Day When the Sun and the Moon Remained Silent - Totten
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Author: C. A. L. Totten M.A.

The book which scientifically demonstrates the actual occurrence of the miracle of Joshua's long day when the sun and the moon remained silent. Atheists agnostics and unbelievers are confounded by Professor Totten in his scientific demonstration of this astronomical event. Recognized as the authority concerning this outstanding miracle Joshua's Long Day is accordingly quoted by lectures and writers in proof thereof.

Excerped from the FORWARD:

....In the year 1890 Professor C. A. L. Totten demonstrated by astronomical calculations that the historical account of Joshua's Long Day is true; that there was a delay of 23 1/3 hours between the time when a conjunction of the sun and moon was to take place and its completion. He found that this particular conjunction was timed to occur when Joshua was engaged in battle and was not completed until the next day. But the skeptics reason that in order to produce the Long Day and fulfill the conditions described by Joshua the earth would have had to stop its spinning. "Impossible" they declare.

In the article titled "When the Earth Turned Over" originally published in DESTINY Magazine for November 1946 it was shown that the event described by Joshua producing approximately twenty-four extra hours of daylight could occur without affecting in any degree the revolving of the earth upon its axis. Professor Totten's calculations showing that the Long Day did take place and new supporting evidence demonstrating that it could occur without affecting the spin of the earth leaves the disbeliever whether atheist or Christian without excuse if he continues to doubt the record.

....We are presenting here Professor Totten's treatise on the subject of Joshua's Long Day and the Dial of Ahaz just as he published it in 1890 together with his illustrations and comments. While the Professor was silent on how the Long Day could have occurred the arguments given in "When the Earth Turned Over" supply the necessary information for the enlightenment of the reader and the discomfort of those who question the validity of the Biblical account of Joshua's Long Day.

In this book a truly fascinating event is given a thorough examination and explanation even showing why it was possible that will thrill and strengthen the faith of every believer that reads it.

117 pages

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