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Kingdom Bible Studies No. 8
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Author: Ben Williams

This lesson examines the pagan practice by the Judeans of centralized government influenced no doubt by the Babylonian style of rulership.

We learned in lesson seven that the Judeans believed in and followed many pagan practices -- many of their traditions can be found within Christendom today. One such practice is the use of centralized government.

History is replete with man's use of centralized government. From the Tower of Babel (Genesis 11) to the present day man has controlled and subjugated the masses through the use of centralized power and authority.

Prior to the time of King Saul the Israelites practiced a unique form of self-government described today as a ."theocracy." God was the only King in Israel. He alone was the lawgiver (legislator) -- there was none else. The Israelites had experienced hundreds of years of bondage under centralized government in Egypt. The nations around them also practiced this form of government. Yet Israel was different -- at least until they decided to have a human king like the other nations. From that time on Israel lived under the bondage of centralized government enslaved to their own rulers or other nations by which they were captured.

Many years later after living in captivity under the Babylonian centralized government a remnant of Israelites returned to Jerusalem in Judea. They rebuilt the temple and established their own form of centralized government -- influenced no doubt by the babylonian style of rulership. In this lesson we will begin to examine this Judean form of centralized government.

Includes test questions and answer sheet.

8 1/2" x 11" pre-drilled sheets ready to fit into a three ringed binder.
10 pages

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