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Kingdom Bible Studies No. 6
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Author: Ben Williams

This lesson is a thorough study and explanation of the misuse and misunderstanding of the word "jews" and also gives a clearer meaning to the word "Judeans".

EXCERPT: We learned in lesson one that the English word "Jews" as found in most New Testament translations and versions is an incorrect rendering of the Greek word loudaios (#2453) in Strong's Concordance). Considering the definition of this Greek word the most appropriate translation is "Judeans" since the word denotes a geographical location instead of a race -- referring to people from the area of Judea and those adhering to their culture. We also learned that the people called "Jews" today have little or no racial relation to the "Judeans" mentioned in the Scriptures.

Much confusion exists within Christendom because of the misuse and misunderstanding of the word "Jews" as well as an ignorance of the meaning of the word "Judeans." We have already seen that the two terms are not equivalent or even closely related. Yet many treat them as such. Some say the Judeans were Israelites others say that part of them were Israelites and still others claim none of them were Israelites. They can't all be right. Just who were these "Judeans" that we read about in the New Scriptures?

By the time you finish lesson six these questions will no longer confuse you because you will know the exact meaning of each of these two words.

Includes test questions and answer sheet.

8 1/2" x 11" pre-drilled sheets ready to fit into a three ringed binder.
10 pages

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