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Kingdom Bible Studies No. 5
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Author: Ben Williams

Number 5 deals with Modern-Day Israel and takes up the questions of who are Christ's sheep and who are the "called"" and the ""elect"" spoken of in the New Testament.

EXCERPT: We learned in lesson four that the Gospel of Christ and His Kingdom was preached to the descendants of dispersed Israel throughout the areas of Asia Minor Greece and Italy. These people were the so-called "Gentiles;" (Israelites in the nations) spoken of in the new Scriptures to which Christ sent Paul and the disciples to "bear His name." From there the good news spread from throughout Europe Britain North America and the rest of the world. Yes the Christian nations of the world are the modern-day descendants of the Israel forefathers - God's chosen people. In them can be seen the marks of Israel's blessings and the unfolding of the New Covenant.

We also learned however that the majority of these modern-day Israelites are blinded to their true identity to the truth of the Gospel of the Kingdom to the present reign of King Jesus and to the meaning of the New Covenant. They are living as "children of the flesh;" rather than as "children of promise." What do these terms mean? What did Paul mean when he said in Romans 9:6 that "they are not all Israel which are of Israel"? Are all physical Israelites "children of promise" and "heirs of the kingdom"? Jesus said that His sheep would hear His voice and follow Him. Just who are His sheep? Who are the "called" and "elect" spoken of in the New Scriptures? These questions are the subject of this lesson.

Includes test questions and answer sheet.

8 1/2" x 11" Pre-drilled sheets ready to fit into a three ringed binder.
10 pages

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