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Kingdom Bible Studies No. 1
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Author: Ben Williams

Are you confused by the word "anti-Semitic?"

Most Christians and non-Christians believe they do know what the word anti-Semitic means but do they really? We believe this study will prove to them that this is a word they honestly do not understand.

The emphasis in Lesson No. 1 is on eliminating the confusion that exists within Christian and non-Christian circles today with respect to the meanings and usages of several key words.

This lesson is especially important to Christians because so much confusion does exist in Christendom today and the problem is due largely to a misunderstanding of the terms Hebrew, Israelite Semite, Jew and Gentile. In this study Mr. Williams examines the correct meanings o,f "Hebrew" "Israel(ite)" "Semite" and "Jew" as found in the Scriptures. In the next lesson we will study the term "Gentile." Contrary to what most Christians and non-Christians believe these words are not all synonymous there is a broad difference.

By learning the true meanings of these words and the differences in each of them one is much better prepared to understand the purpose and plan of God for His "sheep" and His Kingdom.

Includes test questions and answer sheet.

8 1/2" x 11" pre-drilled sheets.
10 pages

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