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THY KINGDOM COME - [AMERICA]...Kingdom of Heaven - Francis L. Hoffman
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Author: F. L. Hoffman

AMERICA: "Amer" = Heaven   "Rica" = Kingdom (Kingdom of Heaven)

Thy Kingdom Come.

These words are repeated as part of the Lord's Prayer in Christian churches and homes all over the world. These words give hope to all those who look forward to the return of Christ. But while many Christians have studied the life of Christ and the writings of His disciples far fewer have a true understanding of God's Kingdom. Many have questions such as:

  • How do I fit into God's plan for His Kingdom?
  • What does the Bible tell us about His Kingdom and its laws?
  • Is the Old testament relevant to today's Christians?
  • Do the Covenants made with Abraham and passed down through Isaac and Jacob apply today?
  • What has been and will be the role of Judah and the other eleven tribes of Israel in His Kingdom?
  • How does America fit into God's plan for His Kingdom?
  • How does salvation, heaven, and hell relate to the Kingdom?
  • And many more ...

Thy Kingdom Come uses Scripture to answer these important questions and traces God's Kingdom from Genesis through Revelation highlighting its formation its laws its people and its future. It provides encouragement for Christian living in these latter days. It is a valuable resource in the search for Biblical truth and understanding.

Also it's the intriguing story of a people the descendants of the twelve tribes of Israel that escaped from their Assyrian captors in 600 B.C. Christians are puzzled today that AMERICA the greatest nation in the history of the world is not mentioned in Bible prophecy. This book presents the reader with the keys to understanding prophecy and demonstrates that the Old Testament prophets had much to say about AMERICA and ITS PEOPLE.

You will learn America's true role in politics world affairs Christian living and lifestyles and a true biblical treatise on some questionable modern church doctrines.

Important: This book was first released under the title Tracing The Ancestors Of Great Britain And America the newly expanded and edited version has become Thy Kingdom Come - America. Still has all the same great information as Tracing ... with added commentary and Scripture addressing these times.

230 pages



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