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The Light and the Glory- Children\'s Activity Book - Peter Mashall
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Author: Peter J. Marshall & David Manuel Jr.

Designed to introduce young Americans (ages 9 - 12) to the role God played in the founding and growth of this country. His role was well understood by young Pilgrim and Puritan children; indeed until this century it was one of the first things all children learned as part of their national heritage. But in today's public elementary school system it is virtually ignored.

Includes some activities too easy for eight year olds and some too hard for five-year olds. A few ideas in the story-line may need a parents amplification but all ages should enjoy coloring the pictures. Throughout the authors have been guided by the principle that no child is too young to understand why we sing "God Bless America" and say "one nation under God" in the Pledge of Allegiance.

190  pages 6" x 9".............$19.95

Ages 9-12

YP01007 The Light and the Glory Children's Activity Book Peter J. Marshall David Manuel Jr. LIGHT AND THE GLORY CHILDREN'S ACTIVITY BOOK PETER J. MARSHALL DAVID MANUEL JR. the light and the glory children's activity book peter j. marshall david manuel jr.


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