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Mere Christianity - C. S. Lewis - Millions of copies sold worldwide!
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Author: C. S. Lewis

"Lewis seeks in Mere Christianity to help us see religion with fresh eyes as a radial faith whose adherents might have likened to an underground group gathering in a war zone a place where evil seems to have the upper hand to hear messages of hope from the other side". ----- Kathleen Norris from the Foreword

One of the most popular and beloved introductions to Christian faith ever written Mere Christianity has sold millions of copies worldwide. The book brings together Lewis's legendary broadcast talks of the war years [WWII] talks in which he set out simply to "explain and defend the belief that has been common to nearly all Christians at all times." Rejecting the boundaries that divide Christianity's many denominations C. S. Lewis provides an unequaled opportunity for believers and on believers alike to hear a powerful rational case for the Christian faith. It is a collection of scintillating brilliance that remains strikingly fresh for the modern reader and at the same time confirms C. S. Lewis's reputation as one of the leading writers and thinkers of our age.

Praise for C. S. Lewis:

"I read Lewis for comfort and pleasure many years ago and a glance into the books revives my old admiration." ---- John Updike

"C. S. Lewis is the ideal persuader for the half-convinced, for the good man who would like to be a Christian but finds his intellect getting in the way." ---- Anthony Burgess New York Times Book Review

"He has a unique power for making theology an attractive exciting and fascinating quest." ---- London Times Literary Supplement

"The point about reading C. S. Lewis is that he makes you sure whatever you believe that religion accepted or rejected, means something extremely serious demanding the entire energy of mind." ---- Harpers Magazine

CLIVE STAPLES LEWIS (1898-1963) was one of the intellectual giants of the twentieth century and arguably the most influential Christian writer of his day. He was a Fellow and Tutor in English literature at Oxford University until 1954 when he was unanimously elected to the Chair of Medieval and Renaissance English at Cambridge University a position he held until his retirement. His major contributions in literary criticism children's literature, fantasy literature, and popular theology brought him international renown and acclaim. He wrote more than thirty books allowing him to reach a vast audience and his works continue to attract thousands of new readers every year. His most distinguished and popular accomplishments include The Chronicles of Narnia Out of the Silent Planet The Four Loves The Screwtape Letters and Mere Christianity

230 pages

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