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Missing Links Discovered In Assyrian Tablets [Capt] ***THE BEST BOOK - Lost Tribes! [Kindle Available]
Missing Links Discovered In Assyrian Tablets [Capt] ***THE BEST BOOK - Lost Tribes! [Kindle Available] Missing Links Discovered In Assyrian Tablets [Capt] ***THE BEST BOOK - Lost Tribes! [Kindle Available]
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Author: E. Raymond Capt M.A., A.I.A., F.S.A. Scot

Could you be an Israelite and not know it?
"Here's a paradox a most ingenious paradox: an anthropological fact many Christians may have much more Hebrew-Israelite blood in their veins than most of their Jewish neighbors." (1)
Alfred M. Lilienthal

Could this possibly be so? If so it would mean that the majority of Christendom and the rest of society has misidentified the people most prominent in the Bible. If Israel has been misidentified there is no doubt that major errors in doctrinal interpretation and application of biblical prophecy have been made! Take a look at a truly remarkable study of Assyrian tablets that reveal the fate of the Lost Tribes of Israel. This is the book considered by most to be Capt's finest of all his vast and excellent literary achievements!

An archaeological study of the origin and history of the so-called "Lost Tribes of Israel" and the Assyrian tablets that reveal the fate of these same people chosen by God to be the "light-bearers" to the nations. When clay cuneiform tablets were found in the excavations of the Assyrian Royal Library of Ashurbanipal in ancient Nineveh their relevance to the nation of Israel was overlooked at the time. This was undoubtedly because they were in complete disorder and among hundreds of miscellaneous text dealing with many matters of State. Contributing to this situation was the fact that the Assyrians called the Israelites by other names during their captivity.

Some of the tablets found were dated around 707 B.C. and reveal the fate of the Israelites as they escaped from the land of their captivity and "disappeared" into the hinterland of Europe. These tablets form the "Missing Links" that enable us to identify the modern-day descendants of the "Lost Tribes of Israel". In doing so we increase our knowledge of Bible history and experience a dramatic revision of our preconceived ideas of Bible prophecy.

In this authoritative book the author has attempted no more than a brief review of the origin and history of the Israelites; a survey of the Assyrian inscriptions and cuneiform tablets that record the deportations of Israel as related to Biblical and secular history; their sojourn in captivity and a synopsis of their migrations to their new homelands (British Isles, France, Germany, Scandinavia, Canada, America, etc.). "Missing Links" is the book that opened the eyes of thousands of Christians (Baptist , Methodist, Catholic, Pentecostal, Presbyterian, Church of Christ, and more) to their Israelite heritage and how that one single discovery has changed the way they now view all Bible doctrine and prophecy!

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256 pages
2016 15th Edition

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